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Observator 100 years

Turbidity sensors

Observator has been the market leader in optical turbidity measurement with its own brand Analite since the 1990s. The highly successful turbidity sensors NEP-395, NEP-495 and NEP-180 were followed up in 2015 by the NEP 5000 family of sensors. The NEP-5000 uses state-of-the-art technology and is based on 30 years of experience in producing turbidity sensors. The NEP-5000 and its predecessors are used as OEM by several renowned manufacturers worldwide.

  • NEP-5000: Turbidity sensor with integrated wiper. Available in various versions including Delrin, stainless steel or copper (anti-fouling) housing.
  • NEP-595: NEP-5000 sensor with Observator data logger and battery power supply in underwater housing with easy programming via Windows application.
  • NEP-695: NEP-5000 sensor with scriptable Campbell data logger and battery power supply in underwater housing.
  • NEP-9500: Turbidity sensor with integrated wiper and analog output.
  • NEP-5000-LINK: Handheld turbidity meter with NEP-5000 and app control on smartphone.
  • NEP-180-OP: High-sediment (30.000 NTU) 180 degrees backscatter extension for NEP-5000.

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