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Blue2Care | Uncompromised support

Providing service is part of our genes and mission. Thanks to our worldwide presence and the fact that we know the business inside and out, we are able to deliver the best services, both before, during and after purchase. Within Blue2Care, we offer project management, customisation and integration, installation, maintenance and repair, calibration, training and support services.

Project management
Do you have a meteorological and/or hydrological issue, but insufficient knowledge and/or manpower? We, at Observator, are happy to help you with your issue. We see every project as a unique issue and have a ‘getting things done’ mentality. In close collaboration with our customers, we have already completed many projects successfully, for various purposes and markets. All in accordance with legislation and regulations and within budget and time frame.

Customisation and integration
Besides the supply of single meteorological and hydrological instruments, Observator Instruments is able to offer total solutions. Either as standard or designed upon customer requirements. Observator Instruments has installed complete meteorological and hydrological stations, systems and networks, worldwide and in several different market segments. From a single sensor to the installation of a complete, custom-made system of meteorological and hydrological measurement stations, including telemetry, data processing and software.

The reliability of the measurement results depends on the quality of the product/system. When working with Observator, you don’t have to worry about the quality. However, a good installation in a suitable location, as well as the commissioning, is at least as important for reliable measurement results. Our service engineers can commission your product/system at your location. However, you can also commission the equipment yourself. Our manuals will help you on your way and we look forward advising you in case you have any questions.

Maintenance and repair
In addition to a thorough installation, preventive maintenance is also of great importance for a reliable operating measurement system. Both the service department in the Netherlands and our worldwide distribution network offer you the opportunity to have your products and systems preventively maintained and, if necessary, repaired professionally. Thanks to our worldwide distribution network, our service is always nearby. Our distributors regularly attend retraining courses. As a result, their knowledge is always up-to-date.

Calibration and lab services
To ensure the reliability of measurement results, Observator Instruments advises you to check and calibrate instruments regularly, certainly in case of measuring instruments with high requirements for accurate measurement results. Our service and calibration department guarantees that your instruments are properly calibrated and at peak performance.

The desired calibration interval can be determined by you. We recommend to calibrate your instrument once a year.

In-house calibration facility
Quality is a keyword within Observator. We are an ISO-9001-2015 certified company with the highest quality standards for our products and systems. These products and systems are calibrated according to strict guidelines in our in-house calibration facility.

How does it work?
By buying an instrument, your data will be added into our database and – two months before the required recalibration – you will automatically receive a request (via e-mail) to provide the instrument for yearly inspection. Instruments will be checked, calibrated and adjusted, and will be returned with a calibration report.

To schedule the calibration of an instrument, an appointment can be made with us. Only then we can guarantee a short return time up to 5 working days, on the condition that the operations can be carried out by our in-house calibration department and if there are no major repairs required. In case of repairs and extra costs, you will be informed before we proceed to actual repair.

During the calibration of your instrument, replacement equipment is available (against a rental fee), depending on the type of instrument and availability.

Something to calibrate?
You can always send your instrument for repair, maintenance or calibration. You can request a RMA number via our website. As soon as your request has been received, our service department will create a RMA number. Within 24 hours you will receive a notification by email, which includes a RMA number and further instructions.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Although quality and service are guaranteed at Observator, it can still be useful to record agreements in a Service Level Agreement. A SLA provides insight into rights and obligations, as well as response times and resolution times.

Training and support
Within Observator, we think it is important to keep developing. Changing legislation and regulations are constantly placing different demands on products and systems. The product/system changes, as do the training needs of operators. As a technical professional, you need new knowledge and skills to continue doing your work, to increase the quality of your work and to perform your tasks efficiently. Observator can help you with this. We offer tailor-made training courses, worldwide, fully tuned to your equipment and field of application.

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