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Observator 100 years

Water management

Just like water belongs to the Netherlands, water belongs to Observator. Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge in solving complex water issues. Within water management, Observator is specialised in the monitoring of water level, water flow and water quality.

For monitoring ground water level and salt intrusion, Observator offers a monitoring set consisting of a sensor, data logger and GPRS modem. This set can be fitted completely into a well. User-friendly software shows all results on your desktop and alarms you if parameters are out of range.

Observator offers integrated systems with many options for power and telemetry for monitoring water level, water flow and water quality in rivers, lakes, estuaries etc. These stations can be mounted on a pole in the water or in a cabinet next to the water. They are powered from mains, solar panels or batteries. Data is transmitted by GPRS or for remote areas, by radio or satellite. For larger water surfaces, the same systems can be installed on our data buoys.

For enforcing water quality and tracking down sources of pollution, Observator offers a range of mobile solutions. These can be installed quickly and covertly. They will issue a warning on a mobile phone whenever pollution is detected, making it useful for swimming water and fish farms, for example. 

Finally, from our precision technique department (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), we are top producers of optical and precision engineering products, both for all entities within the Observator Group and other renowned industries, such as water management.


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