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Observator 100 years

Data buoys

The versatile data buoys of Observator Instruments are unique and independently floating measurement platforms. Thanks to solar panels for power and complete with common telecom modem or radio/satellite communication, they can be deployed virtually anywhere. The versatility is achieved by combining a selected standard data buoy with the required sensors, matching these with an optimal power supply and fitting the desired communication option. Based on a standard data buoy, in this way Observator easily composes a tailored solution for your specific application:

  • OMC-7006: Data buoy for a wide range of water quality sensors (diameter 60 cm).
  • OMC-7012: Same as 7006, supplemented with meteorological sensors (diameter 120 cm).
  • OMC-7018: Same as 7012, supplemented with water current sensors (diameter 180 cm).

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