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Originally the sunscreens of Observator Vision have been developed and supplied for inland and marine vessels. Whether it concerns ferries, cruise ships, dredgers, fishing boats, tankers or luxury yachts. However, by responding to the increasing demand from other markets, the sunscreens have also been optimised for other applications, for example residential buildings, offices, crane cabins, traffic towers etc.

Observator Vision has designed and developed its own sunscreen line; Visi-Plus, which is available in different types. Visi-Plus sunscreens are used for clear and safe vision in situations where glare from sunlight must be prevented. Visi-Plus sunscreens are at their best in bright sunshine, but also offer a clear vision in situations with fog. In addition, the sunscreens have very strong heat-absorbing qualities in summer. In the winter, the sunscreens offer extra insulation for your windows.

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