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Climat Screen Compact

Climat Screen Compact is a sunscreen with a cassette of 50 x 50 mm with a roll-up capacity of 3200 mm. Thanks to the compact size of the cassette, this type of daylight filter system can be installed in almost any window frame, even in existing building, both ‘inside frame fix’ and ‘face fix’.


Control options
The Compact System can be controlled in many ways, with a great flexibility towards the end user. The system is also self-braking.

  • endless chain (and cord stopper)
  • motorised (mains or battery current)
    • with remote control
    • via app (Smartware)

Climat Screen systems can be integrated with building automation systems, also known as Domotics.


  • There are three types of light transmission (transparency):
    • OR: dim-out (77 mu thick)
    • 2R (77 mu thick)
    • 10R: most transparent (77 mu thick)
  • All three types are available in eight types of foils:
    • bronze-silver (2R and 10R)
    • grey-silver (2R and 10R, also in B1-quality)
    • silver-silver (2R and 10R)
    • white-silver (0R)
    • black-silver (0R)
  • The cassettes are available in:
    • ‘Technical silver’ anodised or enamelled in RAL 9001 of 9003 (standard option)
    • In any desired RAL colour (surcharge)

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