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Observator 100 years


Because Observator was founded by a group of ship-owners, back in 1924, the maritime industry is our home market. We know that the weather can have a major impact onboard: the reflection of the sun, the sparkle of the water, the raindrops on the windows. As a supplier of a wide range of sunscreens and window wipers, we compete with the four seasons and the associated interplay of dark and light, wet and dry.

Originally the sunscreens and window wipers of Observator Vision have been developed and supplied for inland and marine vessels. Whether it concerns ferries, cruise ships, dredgers, fishing boats, tankers or luxury yachts.

However, by responding to the increasing demand from other markets, the sunscreens and window wipers have also been optimised for other applications, for example residential buildings, offices, crane cabins, traffic towers etc.

As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we apply the highest quality standards to our products. From standard types and versions to custom work. Observator Vision has a suitable, qualitative answer for every question, regardless of the industry to which we supply.


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