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Observator 100 years

Housing and utility

That nothing is as changeable as the weather can also be noticeable within the walls of residential buildings and offices. To limit the external weather influences and to ensure a pleasant living environment with an healthy air quality, Observator is a suitable partner.

Originally the sunscreens of Observator have been developed and supplied for inland and marine vessels. By responding to the increasing demand from other markets, the sunscreens have been optimised for other applications, for example residential buildings, offices, control rooms, traffic towers etc. Our sunscreens create privacy, reduce eye strain, avoid damaging interior by UV radiation, reduce energy costs, etc.

Besides, Observator offers various sensors, instruments and even complete systems for the measurement of air quality. But what can you achieve with it?

  • Improving the living environment, for example after complaints.
  • Testing and/or calibrating of HVAC installations, for example yearly or after a renovation.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of HVAC installations.
  • Detection of potentially harmful substances, gas, vapors etc., to identify and resolve potential problems and to ensure health.

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