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Observator 100 years


Whether it concerns a single copy or large series, if you order precision mechanical components and equipment, they must meet your specifications entirely. And if you have a technical question, you want an active input of your subcontractor to reach the best solution. This asks for an in-depth treatment with maximum attention for your product in combination with skill discretion, modern machines, quality and cost awareness. All these aspects come to their full right at Observator.

As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we apply the highest quality standards to our products, making us one of the top producers of optical and precision engineering products. We work for all entities within the Observator Group and other renowned industries:

  • Healthcare systems (for example parts for breathing circruits)
  • Nuclear medical industry
  • Laboratories (for example test setups)
  • Meteorology (for example wind speed and direction, water quality etc.)
  • Shipping (for example, tank level systems)
  • Offshore
  • Air and climate technology (for example nanoflow technology)
  • And so on

With our diverse experience and knowledge, Observator Precisietechniek is a valuable partner, both in our hometown Amsterdam as well as the rest of the country. Regardless of the branches, and whether it concerns a standard product or custom work. We can convert your ideas and sketches into a complete drawing package. If desired, making a prototype can be the next step. With this Observator Precisietechniek excludes any surprises, which benefits the production speed and costs.

In recent years Observator Precisietechniek has built up an extensive reference network. Do you want to experience it yourself? We look forward advising you, from the first idea to the actual production and every step in between. And we look forward meeting you, at your company or in our workshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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