Film Cassette Small

Visi-Plus Cassette Small is a luxurious looking system for sunscreens. The small ones are used up to a width of 2,1 meters.

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  • Luxurious looking closed system
  • Two types of cassettes:
    • Small (CS), with maximum width of 2,1 meters
    • Large (CL), with maximum width of 3,5 meters
  • Several types of operations available:
    • Cord guided with a strong tension spring
    • Chain guided with a synthetic chain
    • Electrical guided with a 24Vdc tube motor (CL only) or a chargeable tube motor
  • Maximum dropdown of 4 meters


Using film with special advantages

  • Rejects up to 93% of the total solar energy
  • Gives a better view by sunny or misty weather
  • Creates daytime privacy
  • Reduces eye straining glare while maintaining the full view out
  • Stops 99% of the harmful fade-causing ultraviolet rays, protecting all interior furnishings from sun damage
  • Retains interior heat, similar to a second pane of glass
  • Reduces air conditioning costs
  • Improves living and working environmental conditions

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