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Observator 100 years

Multiparameter measuring sondes

Observator offers instruments from YSI en Turner for measuring a.o. dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, turbidity, chlorophyll, algae, blue-green algae (BGA), conductivity, and salinity with temperature and depth:

  • YSI EXO Serie multiparameter sondes with exchangeable sensors and possibilities for handheld displays and connection to data loggers and standard measuring systems for measuring a.o. pressure, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH/ORP, chlorophyll, algae, blue-green algae (BGA), fDOM, ammonia, nitrate, chloride. To be supplemented with depth and salinity.
  • YSI ProDIGITAL series of digital handheld meters, with amongst others:
    • ProDSS: Multiparameter handheld meter with exchangeable sensors for many parameters; conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, algae, ammonia, chloride, nitrate and more.
    • ProSwap: Handheld meter for one exchangeable ProDSS sensor.
    • ProSolo: Handheld meter for (optical) measurement of dissolved oxygen.
  • YSI Pro20 Handheld meter for dissolved oxygen, either with Clark amperometric sensor or galvanic sensor or special BOD/CBOD sensor (Carbonaceous-Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

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