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Observator 100 years

Portable instruments

Especially for occasional measurements and hydrographical field surveys Observator offers many portable measuring instruments. These handheld devices are rugged, battery powered and available in a robust carrying case.

  • YSI ProDSS: Multiparameter handheld meter with exchangeable sensors for many parameters; conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, algae, ammonia, chloride, nitrate and more.
  • YSI ProSwap: Handheld meter for one exchangeable ProDSS sensor.
  • YSI ProSolo: Handheld meter for (optical) measurement of dissolved oxygen.
  • YSI Pro30 CTD: Handheld CTD meter for conductivity and temperature.
  • YSI Pro20: Handheld meter for dissolved oxygen, either with Clark amperometric sensor or galvanic sensor or special BOD/CBOD sensor (Carbonaceous-Biochemical Oxygen Demand).
  • YSI EXO: Multiparameter handheld meter series.
  • Analite NEP-5000-LINK: Handheld turbidity meter with app control on smartphone.
  • SonTek CastAway: Autonomous handheld CTD meter with internal data logger and display.

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