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Analite NEP-5000-LINK Turbidity Handheld

The NEP-5000-LINK is an handheld turbidity measurement solution. It consists of a submersible turbidity sensor with an integrated wiper, a sensor cable, a bluetooth module, a charger and an Android app for your mobile phone or tablet.

The app shows the realtime turbidity and water temperature values. Recording of values can be started/stopped with the touch of a fingertip. The GPS location is automatically added to the measurement records.

The device is extremely easy to operate, using your familiar mobile device. After installing the app from the Google Play Store, the whole instrument will be up and running in a few seconds. The interface is fully intuitive.


  • Sensor with integrated automatic wiper
  • 90° nephelometric (ISO7027) optics
  • Bluetooth module for communication with phone/tablet
  • Auto ranging over three ranges (10, 1000, 5000 NTU)
  • Extremely stable, even at very low NTU values
  • Measures accurately up to 5000 NTU
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery (charger included)
  • Standard 3 m of cable
  • Free app available in Google Play Store
  • Realtime display of turbidity and temperature
  • Recording of GPS, turbidity and temperature
  • View graphs of previous recordings using the app
  • Export data to the file system of the mobile device
  • Share the measurement data by, for example, e-mail
  • Export data to OMC-Data-Online
  • Backscatter version (for higher NTU values) available on request

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