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Analite NEP-695 Turbidity Probe

The NEP-695 is an all-in-one device that contains a scriptable SDI-12 logger with an integrated rechargeable battery designed for long-term operations. The system is cased in a fully water-sealed housing that can support up-to 50 meters of water pressure.

Designed to be fitted with the NEP-5000 SDI-12 option, the NEP-695 is a logging solution to monitor the turbidity. The NEP-695 has a built–in 6-pin female subconn connector as a sensor interface. It provides the ability to connect multiple SDI-12 sensor networks to monitor several water quality sensors.


When the NEP-695 is integrated with the NEP-5000 sensor, the following features can be obtained:

  • Simple turbidity and temperature reading in auto-range (providing identical functionality as the ANALITE NEP-495)
  • Statistical measurement over a set period of time
  • Event logging through scripting
  • Ability to have a 90-degree NEP-5000 with 180-degree NEP-5000 sensor providing seamless transition between drinking water monitoring to sediment monitoring
  • Adding secondary SDI-12 parameters such as conductivity, PH and dissolved oxygen via the SDI-12 bus (up to 9 sensors in total)

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