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Observator 100 years

Analite NEP-5000-series Turbidity Probes

The NEP5000 series of digital turbidity probes are designed for environmental monitoring and process applications. The sensor is extremely accurate and stable, even at NTU levels below 10. Standard user selectable ranges are 10 NTU, 400 NTU and 1000 NTU with custom ranges from 0-5 NTU to 0-5000 NTU available. The backscatter version goes up to 30000 NTU. Optionally, pressure and temperature can be measured as well.


The applications suited to the NEP5000 probes are so extensive and too numerous to elaborate on, but generally they include:

  • Monitoring of streams and rivers
  • Monitoring of water storage bodies including stratification studies
  • Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
  • Hydrological run-off studies
  • Ground and bore water analysis
  • Drinking water filtration efficiency
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Sludge and dredge monitoring

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