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Analite NEP-9500-PLUS Turbidity Probes

The ANALITE NEP-9500 series of analogue output turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where turbidity levels of up to 3,000 NTU may be encountered. Standard ranges are 100 NTU, 400 NTU, 1,000 NTU, and 3,000 NTU and custom ranges are available. Digital outputs (SDI-12 and/or RS232) are also available in other versions of ANALITE turbidity probes.

The ANALITE NEP-9500 probes use 90° optics and employs infrared light in accordance with ISO7027. All probes use a unique modulation technique that ensures almost total rejection of ambient light conditions as well as a unique microprocessor that controls differential sample and hold the circuit for enhanced performance, particularly at low turbidity levels.

The standard ANALITE NEP-9500 series of probes, with its Acetal housing, may be submerged to a depth of 50 meters (approx. 150 feet). An optional stainless steel housing is available for applications where a greater depth rating is required but not recommended for deployment in salty or acidic water where crevice corrosion may occur. Its depth rating is 100 meters.


  • Monitoring of streams and rivers
  • Monitoring of water storage bodies, including stratification studies
  • Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
  • Hydrological run off studies
  • Ground and bore water analysis
  • Drinking water filtration efficiency
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Sludge and dredge monitoring

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