Data Loggers

Data Loggers can measure and store data. The values concerning the air and climate control can be measured and stored by the build-in or external sensors of the data logger. Observator supplies data loggers for monitoring and research the air and climate quality in residential buildings, offices, public buildings such as day care, schools, universities, health care institutions, hospitals and theaters. Wherever personal comfort and health is important.

Types of data loggers
Observator has several data loggers with their own features.

  • Digital data logger for co2, air temperature and humidity
  • Data loggers for temperature and humidity, whether or not wireless.
  • Compact data loggers with build-in GPRS modem (OMC-045-III)

OPUS20-serie dataloggers

OPUS20 Series Data Loggers for CO2, temperature and relative humidity. OPUS20-serie Datalogger for climate monitoring in buildings and the control of all climate-sensitive production processes: in electronic data-processing centres, control cabinets, wind turbines, storage rooms and museums.

The Opus20 runs on batteries or powered via USB. Alternatively, you have the possibility to power the device via POE (Power over Ethernet).

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