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OMC-048 Scriptable Data Logger

This versatile data logger is the successor of the successful OMC-045-3 data logger. It has a large number of inputs and outputs, including SDI-12, ModBus and analog. The OMC-048 uses the latest technology and includes a powerful processor as well as a state-of-the-art LTE ‘world wide’ modem for connecting to the cellular network.

Thanks to the advanced processor and the availability of a large collection of input and output drivers, it is possible to write your own programs (Python scripts) for maximum flexibility. For common applications, scripts will be available for you to download, so most users will be able to use the logger without any programming.

The logger is designed for meteorological and hydrological stations, including applications on data buoys like the OMC-7006.


  • Large number of flexible I/O
  • Integrated cellular modem.
  • Supply voltage nominal 12 V to 24 V (min 9V, max 32V).
  • Width x depth x height: 177 x 105,5 x 50 mm.
  • Weight: 410 g.
  • SIM & SD cards.

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