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Observator 100 years

OMC-040 GPRS Data Logger

The OMC-040 GPRS data logger is a small, ultra low power logger with built-in QUAD-band GPRS modem. The logger has an internal temperature sensor and has slots for a 2GB SD card and for a SIM card. It provides seamless interfacing to all meteorological and hydrological sensor from Observator Instruments and many more brands. It supports RS232/422/485, ModBus, SDI-12, NMEA and so on. Thresholds can be set on all parameters. If a parameter exceeds its threshold, an alarm is generated. Data is transferred by FTP, TCP or email over GPRS. Like all other OMC-04x loggers it can be configured using the free OMC-Programmer software and a USB cable. Remote configuration over TCP is also possible.

The unit is available in several housings and as ‘board only’. The tube housing is perfectly suited for groundwater monitoring purposes. Because of its small size (40 mm diameter) the logger fits inside most wells. The GPRS antenna can be integrated in the lid of the well. The aluminum housing with three cable glands allows for easy connection to multiple sensors.

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  • Two RS-232 input ports
  • One RS-485 Modbus port (shared with one RS232 port)
  • One SDI-12 port (shared with one RS232 port)
  • Two analog 4-20 mA inputs
  • Two analog, 0-3.3 V inputs
  • One digital input, can be used for pulse counting
  • One switchable power output (12 Vdc) to power sensors
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Internal quad-band GPRS/GSM modem
  • Supports FTP, TCP/IP, email, SMS and USB
  • Internal monitoring of the remaining battery capacity
  • Programmable thresholds (low, low-low, high and high-high) on all parameters, including battery capacity
  • Programmable input and output drivers
  • Tube housing fits in a 2 inch well
  • Internal battery

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