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IoT-Gateway Mini & Maxi

The IoT Gateway is a multifunctional data collection, control and telemetry system that employs the ultra-low power Windows-embedded operating system. The OIC-IoT Gateway consists of a wide selection of connectivity options using its Windows 10 built-in network and web support (e.g. TCP/IP, FTP, MQTT over Wi-Fi, LAN or Mobile 4G). The OIC-IoT Gateway comprises of a high level connectivity options such as communicating directly to SQL data base, direct communication to ASP and PHP data services including direct cloud connectivity. Standard remote connectivity tools such as windows RDP and TeamViewer solutions can be used as a local and remote visualization solution. A wide variety of communication hardware options are available, such as standard Wi-Fi, standard LAN connectivity and 4G/5G (cellular modem not included).

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Mini IoT-Gateway Option

  • Digital IO

Two RS422
One RS485/SDI-12
Two Analog Inputs
One Rain Input

  • One relay: watchdog system restart
  • Power output: three 12V, 1A output
  • Power consumption: under 250mA @ 12VDC (without sensor)
  • Dimensions: 80x250x55xmm (W x L x D), depends on selected options
  • Weight: 0.5 kg


Maxi IoT-Gateway Option

  • Digital IO

One RS422/RS232
Four RS422
Two RS485/SDI-12
Four analog inputs
One rain input

  • Two relays

Watchdog system restart
External device (e.g. diesel generator start)

  • Power output:  seven 12V, 1A output
  • Power consumption:  under 300mA @ 12VDC (without sensor)
  • Dimensions: 190x280x150xmm (W x L x D), depends on selected options
  • Weight: 1 kg

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