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OMC-043 GPRS/3G Data Logger

The OMC-043 data logger is a small, rugged, ultra low, power device. It is specifically designed for remote areas without main power. The datalogger is embedded with GPRS/3G modem.

The logger has an internal temperature sensor and has slots for a 4GB SD card and for a SIM card. It provides seamless interfacing to all meteorological and hydrological sensors from Observator Instruments and many more brands. It supports RS232, ModBus, SDI-12, NMEA and so on. Thresholds can be defined on all parameters. If a parameter exceeds its threshold, an alarm is generated. The data stored on the SD card can be transmitted periodically. Like all other OMC-04x loggers, the 043 can be configured using the free OMC-Programmer software and a USB cable. Remote configuration over TCP is also possible.

The OMC-043 is available with several housing options:

  • Standard housing
  • The -01 version has an integrated solar panel
  • The -02 version has an integrated touch screen display


  • Analog in: 2x 4..20mA, 2x 0-10V, 1 x potmeter*
  • Digital in: 3x switch or pulse counter inputs
  • Serial: 1x RS-232 or RS-485/Modbus or SDI-12*
  • Serial: 1x RS-232 accessory*
  • Current consumption at 3.6V: 65 mA active, 220 mA transmitting, less than 100 mA sleeping
  • 1x [email protected] switchable sensor power out
  • Remote configuration possible using TCP or dial-in
  • Integrated antenna
  • External antenna optional

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