Synchrotac 710-3000-series Wind Sensors

The Synchrotac 710-3000 series is the latest in the successful range of SYN710 wind instruments and offers an integrated, loop powered 4 – 20mA output.

The Synchrotac 710-3000 series of wind speed and direction sensors are designed for general purpose wind measuring applications. In order to guarantee reliability and a low starting threshold, they are constructed from corrosion resistant materials and incorporate precision sealed stainless steel bearings.

  • The Synchrotac SYN710-3500 wind speed sensor (anemometer) offers a 4 – 20mA output and is loop powered. The default span is 0 to 100km/hr but other spans may be ordered up to 150km/hr.
  • The Synchrotac SYN710-3900 wind vane uses a precision potentiometer to produce a 4 – 20mA output and it is also loop powered.

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