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Observator 100 years

Synchrotac 706-series Wind Sensors

The Synchrotac 706 series – a heavy duty wind speed and direction transmitter – is designed for general meteorological applications where accuracy, durability and long term reliability are required, even in severe climate / weather conditions. The Synchrotac has a long history of reliable service in very aggressive environments, such as in tropical and/or coastal cyclone areas and oil rigs.

Three anemometer models and two wind direction models are available in the Synchrotac 706 series.


Three anemometer models:

  • 732 – poly-phase linear generator
  • 734 – isolated switch contact closure
  • 736 – opto-electronic pulse output


Two wind direction models:

  • 706 unit – 360° precision potentiometer
  • 724 unit utilising a ganged 540° potentiometer assembly


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