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StaRWIS Stationary Road Weather Information Sensor

For stationary operations Lufft developed the StaRWIS. This sensor has been developed, based on the innovation award-winning mobile road weather sensor MARWIS.

StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road weather sensor, detecting road and runway surface conditions, surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew & freezing temperatures, ice percentages, as well as non-invasively friction. Its 4 lenses are based on innovative LED technology.

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Parameters measured: 
Road condition (dry, moist, wet, ice, snow, critical wet, chemically wet), road surface temperature, ambient temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice percentage, freezing temperature, friction (calculated)

Measurement technology: 
Optical LED transmitters, photo receivers, pyrometer, infra-red

Product highlights:
Non-invasive, plug and play, 100 measurements per second, multifunctional, wireless data transfer, no moving parts

Bluetooth, RS485, CAN-Bus, UMB-protocol

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