ARS31Pro-UMB Intelligent Active Road Sensor

The Active ARS31Pro-UMB Sensor is flush-mounted in the road/runway surface and measures the freezing temperature, by means of active cooling and heating, of the sensor surface. In addition, the ARS31Pro-UMB measures dry/wet conditions and the road surface temperature.

This surface temperature sensor is integrated into a second housing, which is connected with the ARS31Pro-UMB. The distance between the two housings is 50 cm.


  • Replaceable sensor/electronics
  • Simulation of critical surface conditions in the avery near future
  • All-in-one sensor including active measurement of freeze point temperature
  • Mixture-independent measurement
  • Analog outputs in combination with 8160.UDAC
  • Complies with prEN15518-3:2010

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