Turner Designs PhytoFind

PhytoFind™ is an in situ Algal Classification tool that distinguishes among algal groups. Real-time abundance estimates are calculated for PE-containing algae (mixed group), PC-containing algae (Cyanobacterial groups), and total algae (green/brown groups). Estimates are reported as chlorophyll µg/L concentrations as well as percent contribution per group relative to the whole phytoplankton population sampled. Automatic correction for dissolved organic materials (DOM) provides increased accuracy for real-time estimates when in DOM rich environments. The optical filters used in PhytoFind’s sensors greatly reduce interference from suspended sediments.

PhytoFind is field-ready; no calibration is required. Solid-state optoelectronics ensure long term instrument stability and reliability. Factory-installed temperature and depth sensors are included in the standard PhytoFind package. The durable delrin housing is resistant to harsh environments. An antifouling copper plate and mechanical copper wiper can be factory installed to minimize biofouling for long term deployments. With a large internal memory and multiple accessories such as a high capacity external battery, the PhytoFind is an ideal instrument for many applications.

Additional documents


  • Real-Time Abundance Estimates
  • Automatic DOM Correction
  • Factory Calibrated
  • High Frequency Sampling
  • Depth and Temperature included

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