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Seametrics T1/T1R Smart Submersible Temperature Sensor

Offering both SDI12 and Modbus® interfaces, the Seametrics T1/T1R is a smart choice for upgrading to digital and replacing your analog temperature sensors. The T1/T1R’s rugged construction of 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and PTFE resists weathering and data interferences, making it safe for long-term deployment.

The T1 is easy to interface with SDI-12 recorders and can be daisy-chained on one cable up to 200 feet, making it a preferred choice for many environmental professionals with existing SDI-12 systems.

The T1R is powered internally with two AA batteries. Alternately it can be powered with an external auxiliary power supply for data intensive applications.

While most will use the T1R with the free, easy-to-use Aqua4Plus software, it is by no means limited to that software. You can use your own Modbus® RTU or SDI-12 software or logging equipment to read measurements, thus tying into your existing systems and data bases.

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  • Measures temperature
  • SDI-12 v1.3 and Modbus® RTU
  • Recording (T1R) and non-recording (T1) versions
  • Non-volatile memory (T1R)
  • Small diameter— 0.75” (1.9 cm)
  • 316 stainless, fluoropolymer, and PTFE construction
  • Polyethylene, polyurethane, and ETFE cable options
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases (T1R)
  • Wireless connectivity



  • Rugged construction—can replace analog sensors
  • Monitor temperature (ground water, well, tank, tidal)

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