Observator's Process Monitoring instruments are used for wide range of applications in marine, shipbuilding, offshore, railways, chemical, petrochemical and food industry. The monitoring of the processes using our instruments and systems is accurate, safe and efficient. Instruments for special applications can be developed to assist the customers with their operations. Custom-made solutions form the driving force of Observator.

Examples include special MAPO pressure gauges for the dredging industry, sandprobes for gas production sites, the anchor chain inclinometer for positioning anchors of fixed working sea-positions, such as FPSOs or mooring turrets. Check below small selection of the Process Monitoring applications.


The process monitoring and control instruments are used to monitor specific parameters in processes, from robust processes to delicate processes. Monitoring the processes on board of various types of vessels (tugboats, crane ships, stand alone vessels, etc.) is essential.

We have a wide range of instruments for process monitoring in the marine market, such like tank level measurement, level monitoring systems, pressure gauges, float switches, tacho generators, vibraswitches and hydrometers.

  • Tank Level Systems Tanklevel measurement is used on various types of vessels, from small multi purpose tugboats to huge Crane ships (250 Mega ton). The Selfpowered level monitoring system (OMC-740) can be used for stand alone vessels like effluent tanks. The tank level Bubler system can be fitted with Pressure Gauges (OMC-780A or OMC-780B) and/or with an analog output (4/20 mA), so all reliable level information can be integrated into the ships automation system.
  • Float switches For the alarm monitoring systems we have reliable bilge level alarm float switches (ITMLS) and for the engine coolant or oil level, the marine style switches (OPC82X) without moving parts.
  • Rotation
  • The RPM’s of the engine are monitored by the Tacho generator, and displayed in the ship system and/or the local RPM indicator.
  • Pressure gauges The pressure drop over de Turbo inlet filters is measured with special U-Tube pressure Gauges (OPC6114 and OPC611B)
  • Vibration The vibration of the rotating equipment can be monitored with a Robertshaw Vibraswitch, which gives an alarm when the vibration exceeds a certain set level.

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