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MaxiMet Compact Weather Stations

MaxiMet is an advanced compact weather station designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments. It uses proven technology to measure meteorological and environmental parameters to international standards. MaxiMet incorporates all the measurement parameters that meet the requirements of users in demanding applications, where cost, quality and performance are essential.

With features – such as wind, precipitation, solar radiation, temperature, humidity, pressure, low power ‘Eco Mode’, GPS, compass, bluetooth and many more – MaxiMet is unique in its ability to provide the widest number of measurements and output protocol options, which makes it easy to install, easy to use and with zero maintenance.

Not suitable for marine and offshore applications.

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  • Compact weather station
  • Integrated design
  • Wide range of models to suit every application
  • Measurements to international standards: WMO, DIN ISO 9060
  • Low power eco mode
  • Widest range of parameters
  • Wireless communications
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts
  • Protocols: Modbus, SDI-12, NMEA, ASCII, analogue

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