Would you like to combat the nuisance of sunlight and heat in your wheelhouse? That is possible with Visi-Plus sunscreens. Observator designs, develops and produces her own line of sunscreens under our brand name Visi-Plus. Although these sunscreens are mainly used at bridges of ships, a large growing inland market is served with satisfied customers in ports, airports, office buildings and even residential houses.

Quality of sunscreens
Visi-Plus sunscreens are used for clear and safe vision in situations where sunshine and glare from outside need to be countered. Visi-Plus sunscreens are at its best in bright sunshine, but also offer much calmer vision in situations with fog. In addition, the sunscreens have very strong heat-absorbing qualities in summer. In the winter, the sunscreens offer extra insulation for your windows. Visi-Plus sunscreens for safety and efficiency since 1924.