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OMC-509 Barometric Pressure Port

The OMC-509 Pressure Port provides an effective static pressure inlet for a barometric pressure sensor. Measurement performance of remote barometers can be seriously impaired by the effects of wind at the barometer inlet. Ambient wind of 20 meters/second blowing over a typical barometer inlet tube can cause dynamic pressure errors as high as 3 milliBar.

These errors can make atmospheric pressure data useless for research and forecast purposes. The OMC-509 reduces dynamic pressure errors to a minimum level. The unique parallel plate design of the Pressure Port effectively slows air velocity at the pressure inlet. A simple internal baffle system creates a barrier to water and snow intrusion into the barometer.

The OMC-509 features durable, corrosion resistant plastic construction for long service and minimum cost.

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  • Durable, corrosion resistant plastic
  • Reduces dynamic pressure errors to a minimum level
  • Internal baffle system creates a barrier to water and snow intrusion
  • Quick deployment

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