OMC-138 Wind Display

The OMC-138 is the standard wind display for land applications and fixed offshore objects. The display can be provided with industrial standard outputs, eighter as standard or as option (4..20 mA). The unit was initially designed for use in combination with the OMC-160 wind sensor, but nowadays the display can read several other sensors as well. The OMC-138 is suitable for flush mount and is housed in a standard 144×144 housing. Besides the normal Obsermet front, the unit can also be supplied with a black OEM front, called the Black line.


  • Double led circle
  • Gust display
  • 2 minutes average & 10 minutes average
  • m/s, knots, mph, km/h and Beaufort
  • Analogue output wind speed & direction
  • NMEA-0183 output
  • Compatible with several wind sensors
  • Remote brightness control (optional)
  • 4..20mA or 0…1 volt analogue output signals for speed & direction (optional)

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