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OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display

The OMC-140 is the new self designed and developed multifunctional TFT Display of Observator Instruments. Wherever you need to visualise your critical measurement information on a dedicated instrument, the OMC-140 can be applied. Whether it is presenting wind information or an indication of other meteorological parameters, the OMC-140 is the ideal instrument.

Due to its modular design, the OMC-140 may also act as an intelligent signal converter. Furthermore the unit is provided with a memory card slot, in case the OMC-140 should function as a basic data logger as well. In order to have your information available within your network, the unit is also provided with a LAN interface, and with bus-connectors to create a multiple indication and I/O network.


  • Touch screen display and 8,5” Super Wide Viewing Angle
  • 170° LCD with long life and low power LED backlight
  • Power supply between 90 and 250 Vac
  • DC version (24 Vdc) to be ordered as OMC-140-24
  • 2 RS422 NMEA inputs, status LED available
  • 2 pcs power supply for connected sensors, status LED available
  • 1 pce NMEA output, status LED available
  • Can be set to transmit data to TurboWin+ through serial and LAN connector
  • Alarm handling, high and high-high, audible and visible, acceptance possible (conform BAM)
  • Multiple dimming possibilities through manual slide bar, auto by means of light sensitive element or central through DDC
  • Three option slots available for additional I/O and functionality
  • Memory card facility, logger functionality (MESCAQ requirement)
  • RJ45 LAN connection, NMEA over Ethernet conform IEC 61162-450
  • Suitable for 144×144 instrument replacement (portrait or landscape)
  • DNV-GL Type approval certificate: TAA00001B5
  • CCS Type approval certificate: LT18T00001

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