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Observator 100 years

Discontinued: OMC-138/139 wind displays

Wednesday 30 August 2023

In addition to measuring equipment, data loggers and software, the Observator Instruments range includes display instruments, among others the OMC-138 and OMC-139. These wind displays have been installed on many seagoing vessels, offshore supply vessels, bridges and airports. However, after many years of service and despite the success, it has been decided to discontinue the production of the OMC-138 and OMC-139.

In 1997, Observator introduced its OMC-138 and OMC-139 LED wind displays, which would later prove to be its most popular product ever. These displays, which were suitable for 144×144 installation, featured the clearest and brightest wind indication available on the market. Combined with the attractive price and the fact that Observator could always deliver from stock, the success of this product was not hard to explain.

Back in 2014, Observator launched its successor on the market: the OMC-140, a multifunctional TFT display. Despite the larger size of this display (184.8 x 110.9 mm), it is still suitable for installation in an existing 144×144 panel cut-out. You can even choose a landscape or portrait orientation. The display will protrude slightly on both sides. In new build projects, the display can be completely built-in.

Even after the introduction of the OMC-140, the OMC-138/139 displays remained popular. At that time, it was decided to keep the OMC-138/139 in production. Now, about 10 years later, this is unfortunately about to change. Due to unavailable components and the unreliability of possible alternatives, we had to decide to no longer produce the OMC-138/139. Of course we still have a number of displays in stock. However, part of this stock is reserved for service purposes.

Datasheet OMC-138/139 Manual OMC-138/139

Multifunctional TFT Display
The OMC-140 is a multifunctional TFT Display, self-designed and developed by Observator Instruments. The OMC-140 can be used anywhere and for various purposes, making it a state-of-the-art instrument. Whether you need insight into wind information (wind speed and direction, gust and variation, true or relative) or other meteorological parameters, such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility and cloud base.

For more information and/or a quotation, please contact us: sales@observator.com / +31 (0)180 463411.

Datasheet OMC-140 Installation manual OMC-140 Operator manual OMC-140

About Observator
As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we – from Observator – apply the highest quality standards to our products and systems. However, as a trend-setting developer and supplier in a wide variety of industries, we are also continuously pushing the boundaries. By developing new, innovative products we retain our competitive edge.

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