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Observator 100 years

OIC-2020 Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) 2.0

HMS 2.0 is a helideck monitoring system which is designed to measure and visualize all relevant weather conditions in order to ensure maximum safety during helicopter landing and take-off operations. Compared with its precursor, HMS 2.0 has a compact design and is based on the Observator OIC (MeteoLink)-principle, which means a lower cost of ownership and reduced cabling during installation.


New: HMS 3.0

The OIC-2021 is Observator’s latest HMS / MetOcean / EMS Server, provided with dedicated software to meet the HCA (Helideck certification agency) Standard Helideck Monitoring System rev 9.x. Just like its predecessor, the OIC-2020, the hardware is compact on the outside, and smart on the inside. The already smart software has been further upgraded with a more modern interface and new features. Curious? Please visit the product page.


  • Compact hardware design with a ‘Plug&play’ system
  • Real time helideck weather and motion information
  • Compliant with CAP-437, HCA, Norwegian (Norsok) BSL D 5-1, Canadian OPEG and Brasil Normam-27 helideck standards
  • Options for remote access via web interface
  • Selection for aircraft, day / night and helideck category
  • Stoplight function
  • Easily expendable with ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information System)-module


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