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FAQ Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS)

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions about the new regulations for helideck monitoring systems. In order to support
you 24/7, we have listed the most common questions and answers, so please feel free to immerse yourself in the
HCA Standard Rev 9b and get to know Observator’s solution: the OIC-2021 HMS Server.

FAQ HCA rev 9b

The Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) is the publisher of the new regulations on helideck monitoring systems.

The HCA inspects, advises and certifies helidecks for clients globally to ensure the safe landing and take off for helicopters.

The CAA (is responsible for the CAP437 and refers specifically to the HCA. Therefore they are involved within this new standard as well.

The HCA Standard Helideck Monitoring System rev 9b affects all moving helidecks. For example: FPSO’s, FSO’s, offshore installation vessels, mega yachts, offshore supply vessels, diving support vessels, etc., which are equipped with a helideck.

This new regulation applies to all moving helidecks operating in European waters.

The HCA Standard Helideck Monitoring System rev 9b describes new algorithms, calculations and pages to be used. It includes both hardware and software changes.

This new standard has become mandatory as of the 1st of April 2021.

According to CAP437: “Helicopter operations to vessels not equipped with HMS meeting this standard will be restricted to stable deck conditions only.”

The weather can have a major impact on helicopter flights, especially during take-off and landing operations, and particularly when operating offshore where you are completely surrounded by water and facing the most erratic weather conditions. Observator has been responding to this safety requirement for many years by developing and supplying helideck monitoring systems (HMS) to the Marine and Offshore industries. We, at Observator, look forward helping you to satisfy this requirement. Our new HCA 9b HMS hardware and software is already available and ready for deployment, enabling us to update your system without delay.

With a marine track record dating back to 1924, Observator is a well-known partner for meteorological and hydrological solutions within the marine market and offshore industry. Over the past 5 years, Observator delivered/installed over 150 helideck monitoring systems, mainly for moving helideck applications.

For this erratic environment, we only use the best sensors, which belong to our MeteoLink concept. The sensors are placed at the correct locations, and provided with a combined NMEA output, serial or as udp. This simplifies the integration of third party sensors, and it allows us to update helideck monitoring systems of other suppliers as well.


Given our many years of experience in developing and supplying helideck monitoring systems (HMS), we have an extensive track record. Please send us an e-mail to receive our reference list.

FAQ OIC-2021 HMS Server

The OIC-2020 is a Windows-based server/pc on which OMC-Data-OnLine (a modular-based software program) has been installed. The required modules should be ordered separately, depending on the desired configuration.

The OIC-2021 is a Linux-operated server that standard comes with Observator’s pre-installed software package, which is compliant to HCA rev 9b. Only the Observator software is allowed to be installed on this industrial pc. The OIC-2021 HMS Server, ideally installed in a server room, is a headless server, which means no keyboard/mouse/monitor can be connected. Through LAN, the met/ocean info can be viewed and admin changes can be made. Software updates of the operating system are not required.

Just like her predecessor, the OIC-2021 HMS Server is supplied with all required in- and outputs, based on the MeteoLink concept. However, now installed onto one back-bone PCB, which also contains all separate connectors.

The unit is provided with new dual barometric pressure sensors. The accuracy of these sensors is 0.2 hPa (typically 0.1 hPa, they can also be ordered as 0.1 hPa). The yearly drift of the sensor is maxed to 0.1 hPa.

The OIC-2021 HMS Server complies with the following standards:

  • HCA 9.x
  • CAP437
  • Normam-27
  • BSL D 5-1
  • CAAP71
  • OPEGs

The main features of the OIC-2021 HMS Server are:

  • Realtime helideck weather and motion information
  • Options for remote access via web interface
  • Possibility to drive helideck repeater lights
  • Selection for aircraft, day/night and helideck category
  • Stoplight function
  • Automatic logging
  • Build-in dual barometric pressure sensors with an accuracy 0.2hPa (on request 0.1)

The OIC-2021 HMS Server has the following inputs/outputs:

  • NMEA input (6 ports)
  • Rain (pulse) input
  • LAN (UTP) (2)
  • NMEA output (2 ports)
  • Helideck lights (HCA rev 9b) output
  • HDMI (service only)
  • USB 2.0 (2 ports)
  • Baro port for poly flow 6/4mm

At Observator, we offer the OIC-2021 HMS Server with the helideck repeater lights of Orga. The lights have an integrated photocell to automatically control the required dimming at twilight and at night. No separate photocell is required. They also include failure monitoring so that the control panel can show any errors that may occur.

Please note that the standard only describes the control of the repeater lights, so not a specific brand and/or specific features.

The costs of the OIC-2021 HMS Server depend on several factors. For more information and/or a quotation, please contact us: sales@observator.com / +31 (0)180 463411.

The OIC-2021 HMS Server can usually be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your wishes and any customised requirements.

Yes, it is possible to install the OIC-2021 HMS Server yourself. More information about the installation can be found in the supplied manual (in English).

Of course our well-trained and equipped service engineers look forward to helping you, or – if desired – they take the installation completely off your hands.

The will to provide support extends to our agents from our worldwide distribution network. They are happy to provide local support.

More information about the OIC-2021 HMS Server can be found on the product page. Here you will find product information, a datasheet, manual, related news items, frequently asked questions, etc.

Eric Hurkmans and Chris Nasveld are the product specialists within Observator. They look forward advising you.


Eric Hurkmans
T +31 (0)85 0436024
M +31 (0)6 30461216


Chris Nasveld
T +31 (0)85 0436 028
M +31 (0)6 46400354

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