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New helideck regulations apply

Thursday 1 April 2021

As previously announced, new rules regarding helidecks and helideck monitoring systems apply from April 1, 2021. This new regulation, also known as the HCA Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems rev 9b, contains new requirements concerning algorithms and calculations. It applies to FPSO’s, FSO’s, offshore installation vessels, (mega) yachts, offshore supply vessels, diving support vessels and other moving objects, which are equipped with a helideck and operate in European waters.

If a helideck does not comply with the new regulations after April 1, 2021, helicopter operations will be restricted to stable deck conditions (1° pitch & roll, 0.3 m/s heave rate). To prevent this from happening, you need to update both the HMS hardware and software, and install helideck repeater lights, conform HCA rev 9b.

To meet the HCA 9b ‘Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems’, Observator developed a completely new helideck monitoring system: the OIC-2021 HMS Server, also known as Helideck Monitoring System 3.0.  Besides the HCA 9b, our system fully complies with CAP437, Normam-27 and BSL D 5-1.

We, at Observator, look forward helping you to satisfy this requirement. Our new HCA 9b HMS hardware and software is already available and ready for deployment, enabling us to update your system without delay. The OIC-2021 HMS Server can usually be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your wishes and any customised requirements.

It is possible to request dispensation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The granting of the dispensation depends on a number of factors:

  • being able to present an order confirmation (helideck monitoring system and helideck repeater lights);
  • being able to present an implementation plan, with an end date before October 1, 2021.

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About Observator

As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we – from Observator – apply the highest quality standards to our products and systems. However, as a trend-setting developer and supplier in a wide variety of industries, we are also continuously pushing the boundaries. By developing new, innovative products and by offering uncompromised support, we are able to guarantee solutions that exceed all expectations. That’s what sets us apart.

Specialist in helideck monitoring systems
The weather can have a major impact on helicopter flights, especially during take-off and landing operations, and particularly when operating offshore where you are completely surrounded by water and facing the most erratic weather conditions. Observator has been responding to this safety requirement for many years by developing and supplying helideck monitoring systems (HMS) to the Marine and Offshore industries. Our systems meet the most stringent standards; HCA 9b, CAP437, Normam-27 and BSL D 5-1.

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