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Low-maintenance online salinity measurement

Salination of rivers, groundwater and inland waters is a growing problem in many countries. The ‘online salinity measurement’ described here provides a very low-maintenance way to quickly detect salt intrusion and to monitor the salt concentration over time. The sensor uses a UV-LED to reduce or prevent bio-fouling.

The whole setup consists of three components: a data logger with cellular modem, a solar panel and a sensor. These can be mounted on, for example, a pole or at a weir, a pumping station or any other structure.

The data logger is equipped with an internal modem and antenna. The acquired measurement data is directly transferred over the cellular network to your or our server. This way you have direct online access to your data.

Thanks to the solar panel and the rechargeable batteries, no connection to mains power is needed. This greatly simplifies the installation work!



  • Can easily be placed by a single person.
  • Measures conductivity and temperature.
  • Salinity is derived from conductivity and temperature.
  • Uses 4-electrode measurement. This is suitable down to very low salinity values.
  • Low maintenance, because a UV-LED prevents bio-fouling on the sensor.
  • Uses the state-of-the-art LTE-M or NB-IoT network, or GPRS.
  • Data is directly available online.
  • Completely integrated solution with just three components.

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