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Observator 100 years

6000-series wiper controller

6000-series wiper controller consists of modules that may be distributed around the bridge in close proximity to each wiper. A single power cable to the module can provide a wiper, wash and air purge, or wiper, wash and heat functionality.

For large systems requiring multiple functions, a separate wash/purge/screen heat module is available. The system is controlled from a conveniently positioned control keypad, available as single speed (1Ph SLW motors) or two speed (3Ph SLW motors and pantograph / pendulum motors) or a combination of the different wipers.

The standard keypad consists of:

  • Master group control
  • Master off
  • Normal and high speed switches
  • 1 to 7 groups
  • All groups single wipe, 3 intermittent wipes, wash/wipe
  • Case heat and window heat
  • Back light dimmer control to zero

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