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110Nm extra heavy duty pantograph window wiper

With the ever increasing need for speed and the 24-hour operation of today’s shipping, Hepworth’s 110NM model gives an outstanding performance. To ensure a good swept window at 60 knots, the wiper arm design needs to ensure a good blade contact, hence the development of the extra heavy duty model. Supplied as a fixed arc model for 24 Volt dc. The standard motor has two speeds and a self-parking facility. Insulated earth return and EMC filter are standard. Pantograph and pendulum arms up to 1830mm (72 inches) are available, and blades up to 1000mm (39 inches).

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  • 2 speeds, self-parking, insulated earth return, 24Vdc
  • Angles of arc fixed pantograph: 45º to 90º (in 5º increments only)
  • Spindle centers between drive liner & idler = 60mm (pantograph units only)
  • Drive & idler liner M26 – CZ121 Marine brass liner / 16mm SS spindle
  • Liner overall length bulkhead thickness + 55mm (liners over 125mm are available)
  • Brackets: L = left hand bracket, R = right hand bracket
  • Arms: pantograph arms P84 blade clip 14mm and 20mm (610 to 1830mm)
  • Blades: curved blade B140 (310 to 710mm) blade clip 14mm
  • Blades: curved blade B140 (810, 910, 1000, 1200 and 1300mm) blade clip 20mm
  • Double blade bracket: bracket for two curved blades till 2 x 1000mm
  • Unit weight: 9,2kg (allowing for the maximum arm and blade lengths)

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