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The OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display is installed on the Euromast in Rotterdam (NL)

Thursday 11 February 2016

Recently the weather system on the Euromast in Rotterdam is expanded. The Euromast is the highest public tower in The Netherlands, located in Rotterdam. The Euromast was already equipped with a wind sensor (OMC-160) which is connected to a wind display provided with alarm functions. For safety reasons an additional OMC-140 wind display was required in the euroscoop cabin. The euroscoop is a passenger cabin which is slowly spinning up to a height of 185 meters. Since cabling was not an option, the wind data is transmitted by VHF radio signal.

OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display

The OMC-140 is the self-designed and developed multifunctional TFT Display of Observator. Wherever you need to visualize your critical measurement information on a dedicated instrument the OMC-140 can be applied. Whether it is presenting wind information or indication of other meteorological parameters, the OMC-140 is the ideal instrument.

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