Observator offers a comprehensive range of display units. These displays covers all the needs there are on local dedicated displays in the meteorological field. These displays are even used by several of Observator's competition! Therefore these displays are available in OEM versions as well.

The range which is renowned by her clearness and brightness consist of:

  • Wind & Meteorological displays for land (and fixed offshore) applications
  • Wind displays for marine applications
  • Wind & Meteorological displays, especially designed for airfield applications
  • True and relative wind displays

Thousands of these displays have found their way to satisfied end-users in recent years. Observator has developed a successor of the standard wind- and meteorological displays. These LED-displays will stay available for the upcoming years. The successor is a TFT-touch-screen multifunctional display covering all the needs for the above applications.

OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display

The OMC-140 is the new self designed and developed multifunctional TFT Display of Observator. Wherever you need to visualize your critical measurement information on a dedicated instrument the OMC-140 can be applied. Whether it is presenting wind information or indication of other meteorological parameters, the OMC-140 is the ideal instrument.

Due to its modular design, the OMC-140 may also act as an intelligent signal converter. Further the unit is provided with a memory card slot, in case the OMC-140 should act as a basic data logger as well. The unit is also provided with a LAN interface in order to have your information available within your network and is provided with bus-connectors to create a multiple indication and I/O network.


  • 8,5” Super Wide Viewing Angle 170° LCD with long life and low power LED backlight
  • Touch screen display
  • Power supply between 90 and 250 Vac
  • DC version (24 Vdc) to be ordered as OMC-140-24
  • 2 RS422 NMEA inputs, status LED available
  • 2 pcs power supply for connected sensors, status LED available
  • 1 pce NMEA output, status LED available
  • Can be set to transmit data to TurboWin+ through serial and LAN connector
  • Alarm handling, high and high-high, audible and visible, acceptance possible (conform BAM)
  • Multiple dimming possibilities through manual slide bar, auto by means of light sensitive element or central through DDC
  • Three option slots available for additional I/O and functionality
  • Memory card facility, logger functionality (MESCAQ requirement)
  • RJ45 LAN connection, NMEA over Ethernet conform IEC 61162-450
  • Suitable for 144x144 instrument replacement (portrait or landscape)
  • DNV-GL Type approval certificate: TAA00001B5
  • CCS Type approval certificate: LT18T00001

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