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The OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT display has a new feature

Tuesday 21 March 2017

As many of our readers already know our OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT display is provided with the capability to mount an SD-card. The principle purpose of the inclusion of this memory card is that should a display need to be swopped-out the SD card can be used to transfer all the settings from the old display into the new.

It was always our intention to further use this SD-card for data logging functions. However, this was waiting on the wish list for a suitable application.

Upon receipt of an order to use the OMC-140 display as a CCR display in Tankers (conforming to Exxon Mobile’s MESQAC), where wind data should be indicated, stored and used to drive alarm outputs, our R&D engineers began to implement this important feature.

This feature is now available. The feature is now standard in all new OMC-140 displays. It is our recommendation that customers order the SD card from Observator, since it seems that not all SD cards are capable of supporting this function. The SD card can be ordered using the part number: OMC-140-53

Competitive solutions for this application use PLC’s and (thermal) printers to be compliant with MESQAC. Needless to say, we now can offer this feature at the most economical price using professional type approved devices.

Our former solution for this application, the OMC-146, will therefore no longer be offered. However, spare parts for these systems will still be available.

Observator looks forward to supplying the OMC-140 solution for the many (LNG) Tankers which are currently on order. Furthermore, we also look forward to all the other applications and possibilities to which this data logging capability may be applied.

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