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OMC-043 data logger supersedes OMC-042

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Looking very similar on the outside, but more powerful on the inside, the OMC-043 data logger is superseding the OMC-042. As the pictures show, the logger is available in three housings: Blind cover, cover with touch screen display and cover with solar panel. These are very similar to the OMC-042 housings.

Functionally, the OMC-043 has many improvements over the 042. To name a few:

  • The logger supports 3G with GPRS (2.5G) fallback.
  • The logger can perform complex calculations on parameters. For example, the discharge of a river or weir can be calculated from the water level by a non-linear formula. This is particularly useful if a local display is being used. Calculations can also reduce the amount of data to be transmitted, thus lowering the cost of data transport.
  • An external satellite modem can be used as a back-up for the 3G/GPRS communication, or can be used as the primary communication channel.
  • A daily operating time slot can be defined.
  • An advanced mechanism for the quick detection of alarm conditions has been implemented.

The OMC-043 replaces the OMC-042 for all applications, except for the OMC-042-03. The OMC-042-03 uses a low-cost housing and is intended for integration inside a rain gauge. But it can be used for other applications as well. As long as the stock lasts, the OMC-042-03 is offered at a highly reduced price. Please contact your local representative for a quotation. There are no plans for making the OMC-043 available for integration in a rain gauge.

The OMC-043 is available now. For more information, please check the data sheet:

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