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Observator’s helideck monitoring system officially CAP437 certified

Thursday 7 April 2022

Observator Instruments has proudly received accreditation from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to be one of the few approved suppliers of Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS) conform CAP437 and HCA (Helideck Certification Agency) Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 9b. These standards, mandatory as of April 2021, apply to all floating objects – equipped with a helideck – operating in European waters or overseas where UK-registered helicopters operate.

To meet the new standards, Observator developed the OIC-2021 HMS Server. During the development phase, the OIC-2021 has been installed on Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus. Thanks to this test setup, we have been able to thoroughly test and of course improve both the hardware and software. This allowed us to successfully complete the certification process on all four components; the layout, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), the accuracy test and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

With a marine track record dating back to 1924, Observator is a well-known partner for meteorological and hydrological solutions within the marine market and offshore industry. Over the past 5 years, Observator delivered/installed over 150 helideck monitoring systems, mainly for moving helideck applications. With the advent of these new standards, this demand has only increased. In the past year, we have been approached by many customers to help them renew their helideck monitoring system, in accordance with CAP437. As a specialist in helideck monitoring systems, we only use the best sensors, which belong to our MeteoLink concept. The sensors are placed at the correct locations, and provided with a combined NMEA output, serial or as udp. This simplifies the integration of third party sensors, and it allows us to update helideck monitoring systems of other suppliers as well.

The new software, which is part of the OIC-2021, will form the basis for Observator’s new software package: Blue2Cast. Blue2Cast will replace the current software package OMC-Data-Online (OMC-DOL). Just like its predecessor, Blue2Cast provides insight in both meteorological and hydrological measurement data. Keep an eye on the website for more information about Blue2Cast.

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OIC-2021 HMS Server OIC-2021 HMS Server OIC-2021 HMS Server - wind page OIC-2021 HMS Server - pre-landing page OIC-2021 HMS Server - on-deck page

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As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we – from Observator – apply the highest quality standards to our products and systems. However, as a trendsetting developer and supplier in a wide variety of industries, we are also continuously pushing the boundaries. By developing new, innovative products and by offering uncompromised support, we are able to guarantee solutions that exceed all expectations. That’s what sets us apart.

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