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Observator 100 years


OMC-Data-Online is a software program that allows you to collect data from all your monitoring sites into one single database. The data can subsequently be viewed in tables, graphs and reports in a very userfriendly way. In addition to directly viewing the data, it is also possible to perform calculations on the data, to perform tests for (complex) alarm conditions, and so on. Finally, OMC-Data-Online allows you to view the data with a normal browser from any computer.

Several organisations use OMC-DOL to monitor the data from all meteorological and hydrological measurement stations in their region. Companies involved in marine engineering, offshore and/or dredging use OMC-DOL to combine all their environmental measurements – including water quality, waves, wind – into one single overview. Wave and weather forecasts can be integrated.

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  • Collects data from multiple stations
  • Accepts data received by email, TCP, FTP, RS232, ModBus, file import and many more
  • Validates incoming data (range check)
  • Supports data formats from all Observator loggers as well as standards like NMEA and Modbus
  • Organises measurements by location in a hierarchical structure, similar to folders in Windows
  • Presents the data in tables, graphs and graphics with numerous options ranging from a simple graph to 3D surface graphs, pie-charts and so on
  • Automatic and on-demand generation of reports
  • Reports are customisable and can present overviews in .csv, HTML, XML and many more
  • Drag and drop interface on monitoring sites, graphs, reports and so on
  • Password protected multi-user access control
  • Web based interface
  • Dynamic display of moving objects on a map together with measurement data and status

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