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Observator introduces Iridium support for OMC-048 data logger

Tuesday 30 March 2021

In July 2020, Observator introduced the OMC-048 data logger as a successor to the now-retired OMC-045 data logger. After the first introduction of the OMC-048 development has continued. New drivers and other enhancements have been added. The latest addition being the support for satellite communication over the Iridium network. You can now connect our Iridium Edge modem (OMC-IEM) to the data logger with an RS232 cable. The logger will then transmit the collected sensor data in SBD (Short Burst Data) messages to the Iridium network. The Iridium network will put the data in an email and forward it to whatever email address you specify. The data format is compatible with our OMC-Data-Online server software, which can read the mail message, and process and display the data.

The logger now supports the Xylem/YSI EXO series of multiparameter sondes, our own NEP-5000 family of turbidity sensors, NMEA-PTID data format for tide gauges, analog inputs, NMEA for GPS and more. Also included is the capability to synchronise its internal clock to GPS or to NTP time servers.

For more information about the Iridium modem, check the OMC-IEM Iridium Edge™ Modem page. For up-to-date information about the data logger, check the software manual on the OMC-048 Scriptable Data Logger page.


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