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Observator 100 years

YSI Nile Radar Sensor

Designed for non-contact water level measurement, the WaterLOG Nile Series (502/504/517) combines high accuracy with an out-of-the-box measurement range of up to 70 m.  Its reliable interface and simple SDI-12 communication ensure seamless integration with current water monitoring stations. With three models to choose from, the Nile Series is sure to meet your water monitoring needs.


Dutch market only
Please be informed that we – as a reseller – are only allowed to sell/deliver Xylem/YSI and Xylem/SonTek products to the Dutch market.


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  • High accuracy
  • Out of the box measurement range of up to 70 m (Nile 517)
  • NEMA 4x (IP65) enclosure is suitable for outdoor installations
  • Frequency range 26 Ghz
  • Low current operation (<13.5 mA)
  • Continuous operation, no warm-up or “lock on”
  • Mounting enclosures, radio communication links and other accessories are available
  • Optional keypad display
  • Surge protection
  • Multi-Echo Tracking

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