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Systea WIZ Nutrients Analyser

The WIZ probe is the state of the art portable “in-situ” probe, to measure automatically up to four chemical compounds in surface and sea water. The innovative design allows an easy handling and field deployment by a single user. WIZ probe allows, in the standard configuration, the detection at trace levels of the main four nutrients compounds:

  • ammonia (N-NH3)
  • orthophosphate (P-PO4)
  • nitrate + nitrite N-(NO3+NO2)
  • nitrite (N-NO2)

WIZ probe automatically manages the well known spectrophotometric wet chemistries and an advanced fluorimetric method for ammonia measurement.


  • The 1.5 ml micro Loop Flow Reactor (μLFR*) enables an extremely low consumption of reagents and calibrants.
  • The exclusive multibeam compact, optic fibers based, colorimetric detector, coupled with a state of the art fluorimeter.
  • The new compact cylindrical design allows the deployment as any conventional water quality monitoring probes available in the market.
  • The new innovative “plug-in” and compact reagents container allows an immediate field reagents and calibration solutions changeover.

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