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Type C straightline wiper with internally mounted motor

Wynn’s type C is a heavy duty straightline wiper with an internally mounted motor. It offers the most advanced design of linear action window wiping systems for marine and other special application areas. A large wiped window coverage can be achieved, providing a maximum view from the ship’s bridge. Single and twin wipers with different power supplies are available.

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  • Externally mounted, heavy duty straightline wiper
  • Internally mounted motor
  • Available in 24Vdc, 115Vac, 230Vac single or three-phase
  • One speed (dc and single-phase) or two speed (three-phase)
  • Self-parking facility, spray nozzles
  • De-icing heater: 200 watts per meter
  • Reliable operation in extreme temperatures
  • Stroke: min. 305 till max. 2260mm for single wiper
  • Stroke: min. 585 till max. 4495mm for twin wiper
  • Arms: up to 1000mm for a single wiper and up to 800mm for a twin wiper
  • Blades: flat blade (300 to 750mm)
  • Blades: curved blade B140 (800 to 1000mm)
  • Incorporating the highest quality 316 SS and other non-corrosive materials throughout
  • Type approvals: DNV, GL and ABS
  • Unit weight: *kg (allowing for the maximum arm and blade lengths)

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